Winter Weekend in Paris: Day 2

We started off our second day in Paris with a trip to another one of our favourite areas in Paris, Le Marais.

Le Mariais  is the closest you will get to what was medieval Paris. The area was once a favourite of the aristocratic and is home to many grand buildings and squares.

We started our day’s adventure at the, Place de Vosges, a square in Le Marais which was once a Medieval Palace. Now the square is lined with fashionable cafes, art museums and boutiques.


As it was an early Sunday morning we piratically had the place to ourselves.


After getting a coffee we wandered further into the district, doing a bit of window shopping along the way.

We also stubbed upon the historic hotel, Hotel de Sully, absolutely stunning!


Next stop on our list was a trip down to the Eiffel tower, even in the fog it is beautiful.


And a trip across the Pont Alexandre II bridge to take in all the views.

Just waiting on the other side of the bridge is the lovely Petit Palais. Having been to the Musée d’Orsay and Musée de l’Orangerie several times, we decided to try something new and we were so glad we did.


The Petit Palais is one of the few museums in Paris that you can get into for free which is a bonus! It houses the City of Paris Museum of Fine Arts, so you get a bit of everything.

From traditional portraits..


To amazing antiques!

The building its self isn’t bad to look at either!



There is also a wonderful courtyard which I think would be an excellent choice for a drink on a warmer day.

Instead we headed back to Le Marais to the home of Ladurée for a spot of tea and macaron.


They have the cutest windows displays!

and the best sweets in town!



Fuelled up on sugar we headed back to the Eurostar to get back to London.

A wonderful 48hours.

Until next time Paris!

Steph xo


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