Escaping London’s Grey Skies at the Barbican Conservatory

This past weekend I wanted to pretend that I was on holiday in a tropical paradise, instead of enduring winter in a cold grey city, so I headed to the Barbican Conservatory – an exotic jungle in the heart of London!



Pea Coat (old), Grey Jumper, Jeans, Chelsea Boots, Tote Bag, Silk Scarf

The Barbican Conservatory is the second biggest in London after Kew Gardens and is a great place to escape the winter blues. The conservatory sits on top of the Barbican Arts Centre and is located at the heart of the city making it much easier to get to than Kew.


The conservatory has an impressive collection of tropical plants and trees, being home to over 2,000 species. The cacti are my favourite.



There are also tropical fish and turtles to spot too!


I have never been to a  conservatory like this before, it is truly unique setting as the plants climb around the urban building in stark contrast to each other.



Admission to the conservatory is free but it is only open from 12 to 5pm on Sunday.  I would recommend you arrive early, as this place is no longer a hidden gem and it can get a bit crowded.

A fun way to warm up from London’s cold on a Sunday afternoon!


Steph xo


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