Hiking in Cinque Terre

We woke up bright and early for our day trip to Cinque Terre, there are no cars allowed in the towns, so we took a direct train from Camogli to the five famous Italian villages.

Cinque Terre is a national park made up of five fishing villages. They are all perched on the cliffs, each with pretty pastel colours homes, charming paved cobbled streets and beautiful ocean views.

Cinque Terre Italy - 11

The towns are best viewed from the seaside, you can walk out along the cliffs and look back at each of the postcard perfect villages.

On the day that we arrived, we decided to stat off at the furthest of the five villages, Riomaggiore.

Cinque Terre Italy - 1

Despite the early start, the town was super crowded, so we got a quick coffee, had a quick look around and decided to move on to Corniglia, using the train that connects the five villages.

Cinque Terre Italy - 2

Cinque Terre Italy - 3

Corniglia is the highest placed of the five villages, with two exclusive small beaches at its sides. Because it is the highest set village of them all it also has the fewest visitors. It was by far the most quiet village of the three that we visited.

Cinque Terre Italy - 7

Not only are these five villages famous for their beauty, but also for the trails that connect them all through the mountains. The trails are not always open, due to health and safety, so you need to check the website before heading for your hike or ask the tourist office on the day.

On the day that we were there the hike between Conrniglia  and Vernazza was open, so we decided to go for it after an explore of the village.

Cinque Terre Italy - 8

The hike was hard work in under the hot sun, but it offered amazing views of the Italian coast.

Cinque Terre Italy - 9

We also passed by so many beautiful vineyards and lovely painted coloured homes.

Cinque Terre Italy - 5

Cinque Terre Italy - 6

After an hours climb up and down the mountain, we made our way Vernazza, known as the prettiest village in Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre Italy - 10

The journey was well worth it for this view!

Cinque Terre Italy - 12

We stumbled back into the crowds and restored ourselves with a granita,  a semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, water and of course Italian lemons!


Cinque Terre Italy - 15

Cinque Terre Italy - 14

Although, we enjoyed our trip to Cinque Terre, I would stay that the place felt a bit like Disney World.

The towns are beautiful, but totally heaving with people, who , just like us, thought that Cinque Terre would be somewhat undiscovered gem.

Cinque Terre Italy - 13

If you’re keen to visit Cinque Terre, I would do it in late or early season. Heading out early in the morning  didn’t seem to make much of difference, we were there end of May at around 7am and it was still very busy!

The other option is to explore some of Cinque Terre’s surrounding towns. They are just as beautiful and you will have a MUCH more enjoyable and relaxing experience! And isn’t that what having a holiday is all about!

Steph xo



The next stop on our Italian road trip was to head to the Italian Riviera! It took us a really long time to find a place to base ourselves for the last part of our road trip, but after a lot of searching we landed on Camogli.

Camogli Italy - 5

A beautiful seaside resort town, a bit off the tourist track. Perfect for our last three days in Italy.

Camogli Italy - 3

We stayed at a lovely hotel, Cenobio Dei Dogi, which had the most amazing views of the beach and town. You might remember Camogli, if you ever watched The Trip!

Camogli Italy - 1

The town itself is not particularly glamorous, but it had lost of nice restaurants and cafes. The vibe was very relaxing, with most of the visitors being Italian.

Camogli Italy - 6

Camogli Italy - 7

The whole town feels like an Italian movie set –  most of the buildings had painted on shutters and windows – giving it a slightly surreal effect!

Camogli Italy - 2

We great fun exploring the town’s castle, Dragonara Castle, which was was erected in the Middle Ages as a defensive measure for both the village and the entire coast.

Camogli Italy - 8

Camogli Italy - 12

You could look out at these beautiful views for days…

Camogli Italy - 10Camogli Italy - 11Camogli Italy - 9

…but we didn’t have the time! We had a busy schedule we were off to visit Cinque Terre and Portofino!

Steph xo

The Real Bellagio

On our second full day in Lake Como, we decided to venture to Bellagio for the morning. This charming village, really is a must see if you come to the area.

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 3

We passed the beautiful village on our way to Varenna the day before and we were excited to explore. It was hard to miss being a  long-established tourist resort and a destination for shopping. This area is famous for it’s silk!

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 6

The village is larger than many of the others along the lake, so there was a bit more to take in.

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 7


We started our visit at the harbour, and a walked along the promenade admiring the views, the grand villas and the gardens.

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 12

From there we winded ourselves around the village cobble streets. Popping into various boutiques.

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 4

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 2

There is a steep forested hill rises immediately behind Bellagio from where you can get very extensive views along the lake.

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 5

We spent the rest of the day at the hotel dipping our feet in and out of the cold lake.

On our final day we were terribly sad to leave the beautiful Lake, but excited to be heading to the coast!

We decided to take one last stop before we left for lunch in the town Cernobbio – Lake Como is just full of charming towns, You could easily spend several weeks exploring (and I wish we had!)!

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 9

Although we did not have enough time to explore the famous Villa d’Este, we did wander up Monte Bisbino to get some beautiful views of the Lake.

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 13

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 11

So many wonderful memories to take home with us from Lake Como!

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 10

Anyone thinking of having a holiday in this area of Italy, I would recommend they run don’t walk! It was magical!

Steph xo

Lake Como’s Villa Carlotta & Varenna

After a couple of hot days in Venice and Verona, we were ready to cool off with some time by the water in Lake Como.

Lake Como Blues - 24

Lake Como Blues - 1

We drove around Milan arriving at the most perfect boutique hotel on the lake, Villa Vittoria. Located on the south side of the lake about half way up one the west ‘leg’ of Lake Como, it was perfect place to base our stay.

Lake Como Blues - 2

We couldn’t have been more well looked after at this charming pastel pink hotel. The staff were outstanding, food amazing (we ate here all three nights of our stay), and the ambience was so relaxing.

Lake Como Blues - 34

The hotel only a few rooms, so the place never felt over crowded, but it also had enough of an atmosphere in the evenings and mealtimes.

A couple of the nights we wandered into the town in the  late afternoon for an ice cream.

Lake Como Blues - 3

Lake Como Blues - 4

The hotel was located in Laglio, famous for being the home to George Clooney’s villa, Villa Oleandra, so we made sure to check and see if George and Amal were home…

Lake Como Blues - 1

We spent the three days we had in Lake Como exploring the different towns and villas and spending our late afternoon and evenings back at the hotel.

On our first full day in Lake Como we ventured to the Villa Carlotta, a villa and botanical garden in Tremezzo (a short drive from our hotel).

Lake Como Blues - 14

We made sure to have quite a bit of time to explore, the grounds are immense, covering 20 acres of land. The gardens are broken into of several different sections.

Lake Como Blues - 12

Lake Como Blues - 13

There is the Italian garden with cut hedges and pergolas with orange and camellia trees.

Lake Como Blues - 10

Lake Como Blues - 11

The rhododendron and 150 varieties of azalea spread up the slope. Sadly, we arrived after their full bloom.

The property is also home to a variety of roses, cedars, palms, plane trees and other exotic plants.


Lake Como Blues - 7

Make sure you find time to explore the villa as well. Filled with beautiful art, lovely interiors and beautiful views of Bellagio and the mountains.

Lake Como Blues - 8

Lake Como Blues - 9

We jumped on a ferry and headed to Varenna for a late lunch after smelling all the roses at Villa Carlotta.

Ferries are a great way to explore the area. Driving from one side of the Lake to another could take hours, but with the ferry it only takes a few minutes.

Plus the views, you get are amazing!

Lake Como Blues - 32

Lake Como Blues - 17

Lake Como Blues - 30

Varenna, is a very charming village on the eastern shore of Lake Como close to Bellagio. Varenna’s picturesque lanes and old fishermen’s houses are unpretentious, and we preferred the village to some of its grander neighbours.

Lake Como Blues - 29Lake Como Blues - 18

Not sick of gardens or villas yet, after lunch, we decided to spend the afternoon at Villa Monastero.

Lake Como Blues - 19

This villa has a thin long garden that stretches out next to the lake, offering the most beautiful views of Mennaggio.

Lake Como Blues - 26

Lake Como Blues - 25

The garden’s small passageways and stairways integrate themselves perfectly with the surroundings and with Lake Como in the background.

Lake Como Blues - 20


After a full day in Lake Como we were excited for more adventures to come, we slept well ready for the next full day ahead!

Lake Como Blues - 27

More adventures to come on Lake Como in my next post!

Steph xo

Fair Verona

In fair Verona where we lay our scene…

The next stop on our Italian road trip was the charming city of Verona. A suitable place to stop in between Venice and Lake Como (more to come on Lake Como in the next post!), which ended up making the perfect place to sit back, relax and properly get into holiday mode.

After picking up our car from the Venice Airport, we arrived in the historical centre of Verona in time for a late lunch.

As we didn’t want to waste any time in this beautiful city with a long lunch, we popped into a grocery store and picked up some picnic supplies to take with us to Palazzo Giardino Giusti.

Fair Verona Italy - 9

Located in the East part of Verona, a short walk from the city centre, the palace and gardens offers an oasis of calm.

Fair Verona Italy - 8

The palace was built in the 16th century and the gardens are considered some of the most beautiful Renaissance gardens in Europe!

The villa has been recommended to me by a friend, and I am so glad we made the trip!

The grounds are made up of a series of beautiful terraced gardens filled with impressive cypress trees, beautiful flowers and native herbs. There is even a maze!

As you reach the top garden there is also an amazing view of the city.

Fair Verona Italy - 6

Fair Verona Italy - 3

The city was glowing in the afternoon sun.

Fair Verona Italy - 4

The gardens also offer lots of quiet benches to take a pew and escape the Italian heat. This was the hottest day of the trip, so we took our tour around the gardens slowly.

After our exploration of the Palazzo Giardino Giusti, we took a turn around much of the old parts of Verona, spiralling in towards Juliette’s House.

Fair Verona Italy - 13

Sadly, we were not the only people with this idea. There were about 200 other tourists crammed in the little space. So, we took a quick snap for the memory books and continued exploring the beautiful city and its Roman architecture.

Fair Verona Italy - 11

Next stop, was the Arena di Verona, an impressive Roman amphitheatre in Piazza Bra, it is hard to miss with its imposing walls! The amphitheatre was built in the first century and it still in use for the Opera. Next time, I come to Verona, I am planning my trip around the Opera!

Fair Verona Italy - 14

Before dinner we got a drink at  Osteria Ponte Pietra Restorante that looks out over the Adige, with a perfect view of watching the sunset over the Ponte Pietra Bridge.

Remember to go early to snag a table outside, the view is so worth it!

Fair Verona Italy - 17

The Ponte Pietra Bridge is over 2000 years old (completed in 100 BC!) and provides a beautiful backdrop for a predinner cocktail.

We had dinner at Osteria da Ugo, a recommendation from our waiter on our Bath trip. And it ended up being the favourite of the whole trip! Nothing over the top, just a lovely family run restaurant with outstanding food.

Before leaving Verona the next morning, we drove up to Castel San Pietro’s. This is the spot you’ll want to go to for to view Verona in all its glory!

Fair Verona Italy - 22

Sad to leave this beautiful city, we took one last look, before heading off to the Italian Lakes!

Fair Verona Italy - 23

Fair Verona Italy - 20

Steph xo

Arriving in Venice

Mike and I started off this summer with an Italian road trip. It was a trip we had been planning for quite some time, so when the day came to set off we were giddy with excitement!

We started our Italian adventure in Venice, a place Mike had never been to before and I had not visited since I was very young, so we were excited to discover the place together.

We arrived in style taking a water taxi through the Grand Canal and eventually to our lovely Airbnb in San Marco.

I forgot how beautiful Venice was! The city was glowing! And we loved being able to see the place by boat.

Exploring Venice Italy - 7

On our first full day in Venice it was raining cats and dogs, luckily the only rainy day of the whole trip, so we decide to escape the bad weather by sticking to the museums.

Exploring Venice Italy - 27

Our Airbnb was in the perfect location for exploring all the sites.  It was just a few steps away to many of the galleries, and we got to pass by a few sites on our way, including the beautiful Rialto bridge.

Exploring Venice Italy - 8

First stop was Gallerie dell’Accademia, followed by The Peggy Guggenheim. The Peggy Guggenheim was by far my favourite of the two museums. I loved all the modern beautiful curated pieces and the unique setting.

It also provided a nice view of Ponte dell’Accademia.

Exploring Venice Italy - 2

We ended our day at the museums with an Aperol Spritz, a Bellini, both great Italian cocktails, and some wine watching the sunset over the canals.

Exploring Venice Italy - 5

On our second day in Venice we were greeted warm weather and beautiful sunshine, so we decided to head to Burano for the morning. Burano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon known for its lace work.

Exploring Venice Italy - 16

There are frequent ferries to many of the islands around Venice and we had chosen Burano as our destination of choice because we had been told by a local that Burano tends to get less busy than Murano, unfortunately when we arrived the place was heaving with people!

We escaped the crowds by avoiding the central canals, staying off the beaten path.

As you might know I have a thing for pastel coloured homes, so it was hard not to take a million pictures of this charming island.

Exploring Venice Italy - 15

Although, we had a lovely morning and lunch in Burano, next time, I would try head somewhere a bit more off the beaten track to avoid all of the tourists.

Exploring Venice Italy - 10

Exploring Venice Italy - 14

After lunch, we took the ferry back to the Venice for a quick change of clothes. We grabbed a gelato (when in Italy!) before dinner and went for a wander in the afternoon in the Dorsoduro area.

Exploring Venice Italy - 19

Exploring Venice Italy - 26

Crossing over the Grand Canal on our way and making sure to stop and take in the amazing view of the sun setting over this golden city.

Exploring Venice Italy - 22

Exploring Venice Italy - 25

Exploring Venice Italy - 24

Exploring Venice Italy - 23

On the last day in Venice, we woke up extra early to see Piazza San Marco.

Exploring Venice Italy - 29

We had been to the square on the first day of our trip, but it was so busy with tourists (and quite rainy!), so we wanted to get in another look before heading off.

Exploring Venice Italy - 30

The early start was so worth it! It was so nice to have the place to ourselves and just a few others- our own private tour of Venice. You can watch as the city slowly comes into life.

Exploring Venice Italy - 34

Exploring Venice Italy - 31

Basilica di San Marco looks amazing as the sun floods it with golden light.

Exploring Venice Italy - 28

And you get uninterrupted views of the beautiful Dodge’s Palace.

Exploring Venice Italy - 33

Exploring Venice Italy - 32

We sadly couldn’t stay too long, next stop on our journey was Verona!

Steph xo

Canada Day BBQ

Happy Canada Day!

Can you believe Canada is only 150 years old? I forget sometimes that Canada is such a young country.

I know it has been a month already now, but I wanted to share with you some pictures from our Canada Day BBQ we had in July. Although it was sad to be celebrating this big day away from the homeland, it was so nice to do something festive to mark the BIG day with everyone over the pond! And who knows in what state I will be when we hit 200 years… scary thought.

For the BBQ we ordered lots of fun red and white goodies from my very good friend Regan, also known as the Party Postman.


I particularly loved these custom maple leaf cups she made for us! So fun! I recommend you check our her site if you have a party coming up, she has so many fun decorations to chose from!


For the food we had the usual, burgers and sausages for the BBQ, but I also wanted to do something celebratory, so I made a double tiered pound cake with gluten free flower from a recipe I found here. Which ended up being a crowd pleaser!



Sticking to the Canadian theme, I also made some gluten free brownies and covered them with some ‘snow’ (incing sugar!) and some little maple leaf flags, and red and white kabobs made out of strawberries and marshmallows.


Mike was on beverage duty and he managed to get some clamato juice to make Ceasers. Not an easy thing to find in the UK!

In case you didn’t know already, Ceasers are a VERY Canadian cocktail that is a bit of an acquired taste.


The cocktail contains vodka, a Ceasers mix (a blend of tomato juice and clam juice), hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce. It is then s finished off with a celery stick, a wedge of lime for garnish and a celery salt-rimmed glass.

In the end the Ceasers ended up being a bit too hard core for the Brits, luckily the Canadian beer went down a lot better!


Obviously the dress code for the evening was Canadian themed, so I sported an all red and white number, while Mike dressed to impress in his Blue Jays jersey.


Such a fun evening! Long live the Great White North!

Steph xo