Seven Sisters & Beachy Head Walk

If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, why not get out of London and head to the South Coast.

Get away from it all, get outside and get walking!

Seven Sisters and Beachy Head are a series of beautiful cliffs by the English Channel, and they make a perfect day trip from London.



The Seven Sisters County Park  is a two hour drive from London, with parking on site at a small cost.You can also take the train from London to Seaford or Eastbourne and the bus from there.


Once you arrive you will be taken aback by the amazing scenery, beautiful white cliffs with crystal clear water below.



Despite being set between two famous seaside resorts, Brighton and Eastborne, it is one of the longest sections of coastline in the South of England to be undeveloped.



Barbour Jacket, Walking Boots, Leggings, Striped Top, Sunglasses

Seven Sisters is named for its seven cliffs, so the walk is not for the faint hearted or anyone scared of heights.


But, there is encouraging signage along the way to keep you going!


The first part of the journey, the Seven Sisters Cliffs, is a two hour walk from the car park. There is a National Trust cafe at the Birling Gap, the divider between the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head, where you can take a break and fuel up on coffee and cake for the rest of your walk to Beachy Head.

At the Birling Gap you can also walk down to the pebble beach, which I think would be a lovely option in the summer time.


The second part of the walk, from Birling gap to  Beachy Head, it gets a bit more crowded, being more popular among tourists, but only takes around an hour and a half to walk.



Beachy Head has a famous lighthouse located  just below the cliff in the water, which draws in the tourists. The lighthouse was built in 1902 to guide sailors in the fog.


The view is pretty amazing on the ground, but I bet it is even better from up in the air!



Now, after all this walking you are going to need a pub lunch to rest those sore feet of yours! I would recommend heading to Tiger Inn for some classic British pub dining.

Steph xo