Hiking in Cinque Terre

We woke up bright and early for our day trip to Cinque Terre, there are no cars allowed in the towns, so we took a direct train from Camogli to the five famous Italian villages. Cinque Terre is a national park made up of five fishing villages. They are all perched on the cliffs, each … Continue reading Hiking in Cinque Terre



The next stop on our Italian road trip was to head to the Italian Riviera! It took us a really long time to find a place to base ourselves for the last part of our road trip, but after a lot of searching we landed on Camogli. A beautiful seaside resort town, a bit off … Continue reading Camogli

Fair Verona

In fair Verona where we lay our scene… The next stop on our Italian road trip was the charming city of Verona. A suitable place to stop in between Venice and Lake Como (more to come on Lake Como in the next post!), which ended up making the perfect place to sit back, relax and … Continue reading Fair Verona