The Real Bellagio

On our second full day in Lake Como, we decided to venture to Bellagio for the morning. This charming village, really is a must see if you come to the area.

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 3

We passed the beautiful village on our way to Varenna the day before and we were excited to explore. It was hard to miss being a  long-established tourist resort and a destination for shopping. This area is famous for it’s silk!

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 6

The village is larger than many of the others along the lake, so there was a bit more to take in.

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 7


We started our visit at the harbour, and a walked along the promenade admiring the views, the grand villas and the gardens.

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 12

From there we winded ourselves around the village cobble streets. Popping into various boutiques.

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 4

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 2

There is a steep forested hill rises immediately behind Bellagio from where you can get very extensive views along the lake.

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 5

We spent the rest of the day at the hotel dipping our feet in and out of the cold lake.

On our final day we were terribly sad to leave the beautiful Lake, but excited to be heading to the coast!

We decided to take one last stop before we left for lunch in the town Cernobbio – Lake Como is just full of charming towns, You could easily spend several weeks exploring (and I wish we had!)!

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 9

Although we did not have enough time to explore the famous Villa d’Este, we did wander up Monte Bisbino to get some beautiful views of the Lake.

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 13

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 11

So many wonderful memories to take home with us from Lake Como!

Lake Como Bellagio and Cernobbio - 10

Anyone thinking of having a holiday in this area of Italy, I would recommend they run don’t walk! It was magical!

Steph xo


Lake Como’s Villa Carlotta & Varenna

After a couple of hot days in Venice and Verona, we were ready to cool off with some time by the water in Lake Como.

Lake Como Blues - 24

Lake Como Blues - 1

We drove around Milan arriving at the most perfect boutique hotel on the lake, Villa Vittoria. Located on the south side of the lake about half way up one the west ‘leg’ of Lake Como, it was perfect place to base our stay.

Lake Como Blues - 2

We couldn’t have been more well looked after at this charming pastel pink hotel. The staff were outstanding, food amazing (we ate here all three nights of our stay), and the ambience was so relaxing.

Lake Como Blues - 34

The hotel only a few rooms, so the place never felt over crowded, but it also had enough of an atmosphere in the evenings and mealtimes.

A couple of the nights we wandered into the town in the  late afternoon for an ice cream.

Lake Como Blues - 3

Lake Como Blues - 4

The hotel was located in Laglio, famous for being the home to George Clooney’s villa, Villa Oleandra, so we made sure to check and see if George and Amal were home…

Lake Como Blues - 1

We spent the three days we had in Lake Como exploring the different towns and villas and spending our late afternoon and evenings back at the hotel.

On our first full day in Lake Como we ventured to the Villa Carlotta, a villa and botanical garden in Tremezzo (a short drive from our hotel).

Lake Como Blues - 14

We made sure to have quite a bit of time to explore, the grounds are immense, covering 20 acres of land. The gardens are broken into of several different sections.

Lake Como Blues - 12

Lake Como Blues - 13

There is the Italian garden with cut hedges and pergolas with orange and camellia trees.

Lake Como Blues - 10

Lake Como Blues - 11

The rhododendron and 150 varieties of azalea spread up the slope. Sadly, we arrived after their full bloom.

The property is also home to a variety of roses, cedars, palms, plane trees and other exotic plants.


Lake Como Blues - 7

Make sure you find time to explore the villa as well. Filled with beautiful art, lovely interiors and beautiful views of Bellagio and the mountains.

Lake Como Blues - 8

Lake Como Blues - 9

We jumped on a ferry and headed to Varenna for a late lunch after smelling all the roses at Villa Carlotta.

Ferries are a great way to explore the area. Driving from one side of the Lake to another could take hours, but with the ferry it only takes a few minutes.

Plus the views, you get are amazing!

Lake Como Blues - 32

Lake Como Blues - 17

Lake Como Blues - 30

Varenna, is a very charming village on the eastern shore of Lake Como close to Bellagio. Varenna’s picturesque lanes and old fishermen’s houses are unpretentious, and we preferred the village to some of its grander neighbours.

Lake Como Blues - 29Lake Como Blues - 18

Not sick of gardens or villas yet, after lunch, we decided to spend the afternoon at Villa Monastero.

Lake Como Blues - 19

This villa has a thin long garden that stretches out next to the lake, offering the most beautiful views of Mennaggio.

Lake Como Blues - 26

Lake Como Blues - 25

The garden’s small passageways and stairways integrate themselves perfectly with the surroundings and with Lake Como in the background.

Lake Como Blues - 20


After a full day in Lake Como we were excited for more adventures to come, we slept well ready for the next full day ahead!

Lake Como Blues - 27

More adventures to come on Lake Como in my next post!

Steph xo