Nevis Travel Guide

This time last year Mike and I were on our honeymoon in the Caribbean (oh to be back there right now!).

We chose to spend 10 days on the island Nevis because we wanted somewhere that was low key, but with enough going on that we didn’t have to rely on each others conversation for the whole trip! The bonus was that it was easy to get to from London with direct flights to St. Kitts on BA from Gatwick, with a short water taxi ride to Nevis from there.


Today I wanted to share a bit of travel guide to Nevis in case anyone else is looking for further information on the island. We had a wonderful stay and would recommend the place to others whether looking for a honeymoon or a special week away.


This small island is safe, friendly and welcoming. It is also very quiet there are no all inclusive resorts or harbours for cruise ships to dock. I would therefore not recommend this island to anyone who is looking for a party scene or who isn’t happy sitting back and watching the world go by.


Where to stay:

We had the most wonderful time staying at Paradise Beach, a truly luxurious experience! We chose to stay at Paradise beach over some of the other hotels on the island because we liked the idea of having our own villa where we could have our own space and do our own cooking and that we could have direct access to the beach.


Paradise beach has nine villas from two to four rooms and each with their own swimming pool. The interiors are spacious and done is a lovely Balinese style.


None of the beaches are private in Nevis, but it feels like they are as the island is so quiet. From the villas it is a very short walk to Pinney’s Beach.


The hotel has many sun loungers and hammocks along with its very own barman, Martin, who is able to help you with anything you might need.

The resort is very safe with 24 hour-security and concierge services. Upon arrival you are given a butler who will help you will all your needs from making restaurant reservations, arranging snorkelling trips an picking up your groceries in town.

Chefs and spa therapists can be arranged. We had a lovely massage at sunset while staying at Paradise Beach!

Best Restaurants:

We went to quite a few different restaurants while staying at the island. Given the island is so small and only gets food shipped in a few times a week, we were very impressed by the quality and variety of restaurants that we found on the island. Here were some of our favourites:

Golden Rock Hotel:
Golden Rock is an artists paradise! A very hip hillside retreat with amazing gardens filled with monkeys. The hotel restaurant is modern Caribbean and the cocktails are top class. Make sure to try the mojito, you won’t regret it!


The setting is lovely with the restaurant overlooking reflecting pools and manicured Caribbean gardens.


If you look close enough you can see the ocean.


Make sure to save some time after your meal to explore the hotel.



Golden Rock would also make a great place to stay in Nevis if you don’t mind being a car ride away from the beach.

A 20 min walk down the beach from Paradise Beach, Sunshines is not one to be missed. A favourite among the locals this beach bar serves up killer cocktails, aptly named the Killer Bee, and delectable BBQ food.


The monkeys are also frequent visitors.


Tucked away in the rain forest, Bananas,  is a must visit. The colonial style restaurant in the Hamilton Estate. The food and drink are authentically Nevisian.

Coconut Grove:
Coconut Grove is located on one of Nevis’ most beautiful beach. The restaurant has a lovely atmosphere- you are served delicious French and Caribbean under a thatch roof next to the sea.  A truly upscale dining experience.

What to do:

If you aren’t the sunbather type, there are many things you can do to fill your time Nevis.

We booked a four hour hiking trip through the rain forest through Paradise Beach.


We had a great time learning about the flora and fauna of the region while being guided through the wilderness.

If you plan on doing a hike while in Nevis make sure to pack the correct footwear. I am not sure my keds made the best choice!


Booked with The Four Seasons Hotel, which was next door to Paradise Beach, we spent a lovely morning sailing to the coves near St Kitts to do some snorkelling.


While, it was a far cry from the coral reefs in Australia, we still managed to see many varieties of colourful fish and a turtle!

Horseback riding:
Although Mike and I did not end up going horseback riding while staying in Nevis, we know that it was available as we saw tours being lead up and down Pinney’s beach.


Rum Tasting:
You are in the Caribbean so you are going to get some good rum! Whether you do a formal tasting class, Mark’s Rum Tasting Class, or just enjoy a rum punch sundowner or two before dinner, make sure you get your rum in while you are in the heartland.

Picnic at Lovers Beaches:
Pinny’s Beach is by far the most popular beach on this island and was also our favourite, but for a bit of change Lovers Beach makes an excellent choice.


This sandy chilled out beach has excellent view of St. Kitts and is an ideal spot to have a quiet walk, picnic and swim.


A visit to Charlestown:
The capital of Nevis, Charlestown is a small friendly historic town. The streets are lined with Georgina buildings and Churches. We spent many a few afternoons checking out the fruit stalls and local craftsman.

Pratical things:

The official currency for St Kitts and Nevis is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$). The dollar is pegged to the US dollar at US$1 to EC$2.70. Bring a mixture of both currencies, rates vary depending on where you are so it is nice to have the option to use one or the other.

Car rental:
If you are planning on spending any significant time on the island you will need a car. Car rentals can easily be  booked through your hotel. You will also need a temporary driving licence, which costs  around $25 per person, and is issued by the car rental service. Driving is on the left hand side.

Given Nevis is such a small island we were quite worried about the availability of fresh food and gluten free products. We ended up being pleasantly surprised. There are two major food, RAMS and IGA, which are well stocked with all the basics, including gluten free goodies, and just a short drive from Charlestown. Most of the fish and meat is frozen, but perfectly edible.

Steph xo