Cambridge College Touring

Over the early May bank holiday, Mike and I decided we wanted a day out of London to do a bit of an explore.

Cambridge Spring Day Trip - 23

After a bit of debate (Mike is an Oxford man), we landed on Cambridge as our destination of choice, as it is an easy hour train ride from London, with enough going on to keep us entertained for the day. We were also thinking about going to the coast, but with the English weather playing up, as usual, we thought we would play it safe and save the coast for a sunny day. Stay tuned!

Cambridge is a very charming small city, quite a bit smaller than Oxford, so not much of an itinerary is needed for a trip. In a day, you will have easily walked around the centre and most of the colleges. It would be very hard to miss anything out!

Cambridge Spring Day Trip - 4

Cambridge Spring Day Trip - 16

Cambridge, like Oxford, has some stunning colleges, and most are open to the public to have a look around, so we spent most of the day doing just that!

Our favourites included:

St John’s College, probably the grandest College of them all. You get a lovely view of from the meadow behind the College.

Jesus College, which was lovely and quiet being set a bit further out than some of the others.

Cambridge Spring Day Trip - 19

Sidney Sussex College, which had the lost amazing wisterias on display. Sorry, still can’t get over these beauties!

Cambridge Spring Day Trip - 13

The River Cam runs through the heart of Cambridge and you are bound to come across punters. It is possible to hire a boat for an hour to see the city and get an upfront look at Cambridge College ‘Backs’.

Cambridge Spring Day Trip - 21

The city is also lovely to walk around, although a bit on the small side, it is very picturesque! We had a lovely late lunch at Trinity, before heading back to London.

Cambridge Spring Day Trip - 22

Cambridge Spring Day Trip - 18

Steph xo


Blooming Beautiful Bath

In celebration of Mike’s Birthday I decided to book a night for the two of us in Bath. Mike had not been to the city since he was very young and it has been a fair few years since I had been myself, so it felt like the perfect get-away from London.

Weekend Trip to Bath - 6

Weekend Trip to Bath - 46

I am so glad we made the trip because I had completely forgotten what an absolutely beautiful city Bath is! No wonder the whole city is a listed world heritage site. Everywhere you go is just drop dead gorgeous.

Weekend Trip to Bath - 24

The whole setting was made even nicer by some lovely warm weather and all the spring blossoms that had came out in time for our arrival!

Weekend Trip to Bath - 41

Weekend Trip to Bath - 42

We took an early train from London on Saturday morning and arrived by midday in Bath. We walked to our lovely hotel, Villa at Henrietta Park, and checked in.

Weekend Trip to Bath - 49

This small boutique hotel was perfect for our stay in Bath. It is located in the centre of Bath, just around the corner from the iconic Pulteney Bridge, but far enough away from the hustle and bustle that you are able to relax.

Weekend Trip to Bath - 50

The rooms are very nicely decorated and the beds are huge. You can’t wait to dive in!

Weekend Trip to Bath - 27

Weekend Trip to Bath - 28

After checking in and dropping off our coats – it was so warm outside we didn’t need them – we headed to an Italian restaurant, Sotto Sotto, for lunch.

Weekend Trip to Bath - 5

When looking for places to eat in Bath, Sotto Sotto consistently came out as a top recommendation, so I knew it was a place we could not miss out on.

Luckily it didn’t disappoint! Delicious, simple Italian food as good as they make in Italy. They even had gluten free pasta for me!

Weekend Trip to Bath - 2

Weekend Trip to Bath - 3

The staff were so accommodating, we even got a few recommendations for our trip to Italy in the Spring!

Weekend Trip to Bath - 4

If you are ever in Bath, make sure to put Sotto Sotto on your list, just be sure to book in advance, they generally get booked up quite quickly!

After finishing our meal we headed out into the sunshine to check out the sites. We popped in and out of the shops.

Weekend Trip to Bath - 12

Bath has some great vintage shops and boutiques.

Weekend Trip to Bath - 48

We made our way to the Royal Crescent, a row of thirty terraced houses laid out in an arch.

Weekend Trip to Bath - 16

It is famous for being one of the greatest examples of Georgian architecture to be found in the UK.

Weekend Trip to Bath - 14

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one of these as your home?

Weekend Trip to Bath - 13

Weekend Trip to Bath - 15

We then spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Bath’s beautiful parks, including Green Park and Sydney gardens.

Weekend Trip to Bath - 21

Weekend Trip to Bath - 23

As well as stopping into Sally Lunn’s for a Bath bun in the late afternoon.
It felt almost rude to consider going to Bath without a visiting to Sally Lunn’s, which is a bit of a Bath institution. Although it is a little bit of a tourist trap, it is still worth a trip to get your delicious bun to take away.

Weekend Trip to Bath - 17

After resting our tired feet back at the hotel watching an episode of The Replacement (I would strongly recommend this BBC mini series if you have not watched it before!), we wandered into town for some pre-dinner drinks at Opium Bar. Tucked away under a bridge, this intimate and quirky bar serves up some mean cocktails.

For dinner, we went to a Spanish restaurant next door to Sotto Sotto, La Perla (not to be mistaken with the lingerie brand!).

Weekend Trip to Bath - 31

Set underground, like Sotto Sotto, the setting was lovely and intimate and the food was tasty. We particularly liked the scallops and squid!

Although both restaurants were lovely, if we had to choose a winner between the two, it would be without a doubt Sotto Sotto.

The next morning, we woke up to another beautiful sunny day in Bath.

Weekend Trip to Bath - 7

Weekend Trip to Bath - 11

Weekend Trip to Bath - 43

We had heard good things about a hipster brunch joint, Hunter & Sons, so decided to skip breakfast at the hotel and head back into the city centre.

Weekend Trip to Bath - 32

We were greeted with delicious coffee and perfectly cooked eggs, what more could you ask for?

Weekend Trip to Bath - 33
As it was a Sunday morning and the city was still relatively quiet, after brunch Mike and I took a climb up one of the many hills surrounding the city centre to Lansdown Crescent and Hedgemead Park to get a view of city below.

Weekend Trip to Bath - 37

The streets were just as charming outside of the city centre as they were inside of it.

Weekend Trip to Bath - 39

Weekend Trip to Bath - 40

Weekend Trip to Bath - 38

Before catching our train back to London, we made sure to take back some sweets as souvenirs. Stopping in at Maison Georges Larnicol for some chocolates. A French chocolatier in the middle of Bath.

Weekend Trip to Bath - 8

The chocolates are sold by weight, so you get to pick and choose from numerous types and flavours of chocolates. They were delicious and reminded me of the amazing chocolatier we went to in Amboise twelve months earlier.

They also have an amazing selection of Easter eggs to choose from.

Weekend Trip to Bath - 9

A perfect weekend trip from London. We had such a lovely stay in this beautiful city, and I can’t wait to go back again soon!

Weekend Trip to Bath - 45

Weekend Trip to Bath - 44

Steph xo

Springing into Primrose Hill & Regent’s Park

It finally feels like spring in London! The birds are chirping, the blossoms are out and the sun is shining!

Taking full advantage of this warmer sunnier weather at the weekend, I headed to one of my favourite areas in London, Primrose Hill, with my friend Kara.

Primrose Hill is an area in London just north of Regent’s Park. It is a great destination for a relaxing wander and a good lunch.

The high street is lined with lots of cute independent shops and quaint cafes.

But, what I like best about the area is the real estate.

Primrose Hill House Wandering

Primrose Hill is famous for its beautiful pastel coloured homes. We had a great morning wandering around Chalcot Square and Gloucester Avenue dreaming that we were an owner of one of these amazing rainbow coloured houses.

Which one would you chose, the pink one or the blue one?


I am not sure I would be able to chose between the two!

Primrose Hill Pastel Homes London 04

Gingham Jacket, Black Jumper, Silver Shoes (0ld), Black Tote, Sunglasses

The brightly coloured homes just bring a smile to my face!

Primrose Hill Pastel Homes London 03

For lunch, Kara and I headed to Greenberry, a favourite cafe among the locals. Luckily we were able to book in advance, so did not have to join the queue of hungry Londoners that wrapped outside the restaurant.


The menu was great and the food looked amazing, so we couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

I was very impressed with Greenberry and would definitely go back again. My chicken and avocado salad was delicious, but the standout dish was the sweet potato fries- so good!

The sun was still shining after lunch so we went for a walk up to to the hill (of Primrose Hill) to get a view of the city and to check out the beautiful spring blossoms.

Primrose Hil Walk Spring

Primrose Hil Walk Spring Flowers

From Primrose Hill we then wandered over the canal into Regent’s Park.

Regent’s Park is one of the royal parks in London and is home to the London Zoo.  The place was just bursting with fresh spring flowers and smiling Londoners enjoying the warm day.

Regents Park Spring Flowers

Regents Park Spring Flowers 04

The formal gardens are a great escape from the city and have a bit of a Parisian feel, which is a bonus in my book.

Regents Park Spring Flowers 02

Regents Park Spring Flowers 03

So nice to get the sunglasses out and leave the big woollen jumpers at home.Let’s hope this warmer weather is here to stay!

Regents Park Road spring

Steph xo

Leeds Castle

This past weekend Mike and I along with our very good friends, Lizzie and Dan, decided to go on an adventure to Leeds Castle.

I have been wanting to see the castle in person for some time, being a feature in several films/TV shows. It is also branded ‘The Loveliest Castle in the World’, so I was so glad to have finally made the trip to Kent to see the castle myself first hand and to see if I agreed with this bold claim!

20 Kent Walk Leeds Castle

To get to Leeds Castle we took the train from Victoria to Bearsted and a coach shuttle service run by Spot Travel that is available from the station from there.  It only takes just over an hour in total.

Given it was a lovely (admittedly greyish) spring day, we decided the plan would be to do a walk in the countryside around the castle to work up an appetite for lunch at one of the castle’s restaurants.

01 Kent Walk Leeds Castle

We followed a great walk Lizzie found online, which after some help from a couple of locals on directions, ended up being a perfect two hour tramp with views along the way of the North Downs (covering about 5miles/8km).

We walked through a couple of lovely, picturesque villages…

…Beautiful woodland and meadows.

03 Kent Walk Leeds Castle

The end of our trip had us arrive at Leeds Castle itself.  And the view is worth the wait!

15 Kent Walk Leeds Castle

10 Kent Walk Leeds Castle

Using the public footpath, we could enter the castle grounds free of charge which allowed us to get a closer look at the building and the grounds.

We were even greeted by the local fauna.

17 Kent Walk Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle dates back to 1119,  built on islands in a lake formed by damming the River Len to the east of the village of Leeds. Before being open to the public in 1976, Leeds Castle was home to six of England’s medieval queens including Catherine of Aragon (Henry VIII’s first queen), so it is rich in English history.

19 Kent Walk Leeds Castle

Given entry to the Castle was a bit pricey (£24.50/pp), we decided to skip looking around the castle interior on this occasion and stick to enjoying the view and the grounds.

16 Kent Walk Leeds Castle

A super fun day out!

23 Kent Walk Leeds Castle

Steph xo