Fair Verona

In fair Verona where we lay our scene…

The next stop on our Italian road trip was the charming city of Verona. A suitable place to stop in between Venice and Lake Como (more to come on Lake Como in the next post!), which ended up making the perfect place to sit back, relax and properly get into holiday mode.

After picking up our car from the Venice Airport, we arrived in the historical centre of Verona in time for a late lunch.

As we didn’t want to waste any time in this beautiful city with a long lunch, we popped into a grocery store and picked up some picnic supplies to take with us to Palazzo Giardino Giusti.

Fair Verona Italy - 9

Located in the East part of Verona, a short walk from the city centre, the palace and gardens offers an oasis of calm.

Fair Verona Italy - 8

The palace was built in the 16th century and the gardens are considered some of the most beautiful Renaissance gardens in Europe!

The villa has been recommended to me by a friend, and I am so glad we made the trip!

The grounds are made up of a series of beautiful terraced gardens filled with impressive cypress trees, beautiful flowers and native herbs. There is even a maze!

As you reach the top garden there is also an amazing view of the city.

Fair Verona Italy - 6

Fair Verona Italy - 3

The city was glowing in the afternoon sun.

Fair Verona Italy - 4

The gardens also offer lots of quiet benches to take a pew and escape the Italian heat. This was the hottest day of the trip, so we took our tour around the gardens slowly.

After our exploration of the Palazzo Giardino Giusti, we took a turn around much of the old parts of Verona, spiralling in towards Juliette’s House.

Fair Verona Italy - 13

Sadly, we were not the only people with this idea. There were about 200 other tourists crammed in the little space. So, we took a quick snap for the memory books and continued exploring the beautiful city and its Roman architecture.

Fair Verona Italy - 11

Next stop, was the Arena di Verona, an impressive Roman amphitheatre in Piazza Bra, it is hard to miss with its imposing walls! The amphitheatre was built in the first century and it still in use for the Opera. Next time, I come to Verona, I am planning my trip around the Opera!

Fair Verona Italy - 14

Before dinner we got a drink at  Osteria Ponte Pietra Restorante that looks out over the Adige, with a perfect view of watching the sunset over the Ponte Pietra Bridge.

Remember to go early to snag a table outside, the view is so worth it!

Fair Verona Italy - 17

The Ponte Pietra Bridge is over 2000 years old (completed in 100 BC!) and provides a beautiful backdrop for a predinner cocktail.

We had dinner at Osteria da Ugo, a recommendation from our waiter on our Bath trip. And it ended up being the favourite of the whole trip! Nothing over the top, just a lovely family run restaurant with outstanding food.

Before leaving Verona the next morning, we drove up to Castel San Pietro’s. This is the spot you’ll want to go to for to view Verona in all its glory!

Fair Verona Italy - 22

Sad to leave this beautiful city, we took one last look, before heading off to the Italian Lakes!

Fair Verona Italy - 23

Fair Verona Italy - 20

Steph xo