Cambridge College Touring

Over the early May bank holiday, Mike and I decided we wanted a day out of London to do a bit of an explore.

Cambridge Spring Day Trip - 23

After a bit of debate (Mike is an Oxford man), we landed on Cambridge as our destination of choice, as it is an easy hour train ride from London, with enough going on to keep us entertained for the day. We were also thinking about going to the coast, but with the English weather playing up, as usual, we thought we would play it safe and save the coast for a sunny day. Stay tuned!

Cambridge is a very charming small city, quite a bit smaller than Oxford, so not much of an itinerary is needed for a trip. In a day, you will have easily walked around the centre and most of the colleges. It would be very hard to miss anything out!

Cambridge Spring Day Trip - 4

Cambridge Spring Day Trip - 16

Cambridge, like Oxford, has some stunning colleges, and most are open to the public to have a look around, so we spent most of the day doing just that!

Our favourites included:

St John’s College, probably the grandest College of them all. You get a lovely view of from the meadow behind the College.

Jesus College, which was lovely and quiet being set a bit further out than some of the others.

Cambridge Spring Day Trip - 19

Sidney Sussex College, which had the lost amazing wisterias on display. Sorry, still can’t get over these beauties!

Cambridge Spring Day Trip - 13

The River Cam runs through the heart of Cambridge and you are bound to come across punters. It is possible to hire a boat for an hour to see the city and get an upfront look at Cambridge College ‘Backs’.

Cambridge Spring Day Trip - 21

The city is also lovely to walk around, although a bit on the small side, it is very picturesque! We had a lovely late lunch at Trinity, before heading back to London.

Cambridge Spring Day Trip - 22

Cambridge Spring Day Trip - 18

Steph xo


Holland Park Wisteria Hysteria

Holland Park is by far my favourite Park in London due to a combination of is history and absolutely beautiful gardens.

I love how Holland Park feels more like a neighbourhood park than some of the others in London. Although you will find some tourists in Holland Park, it just doesn’t get the same attention that Regent’s Park or Hyde Park do, so you can properly escape from the London hustle and bustle and relax among the beautiful manicured gardens.

This past weekend, with wisteria season was in full swing in London, so I was extra keen to make the trip over to Holland Park to hunt down the purple beauties before they disappeared.

First stop before the park, however, was a cupcake at Primrose Hill Bakery!

Holland Park Wisteria Hysteria - 4

Primrose Hill Bakery, which is just opened a branch in Holland Park, is not to be missed if you are a cupcake lover like myself.

Holland Park Wisteria Hysteria - 2

They have beautifully decorated, light and fluffy cupcakes and cakes. The bakery prides itself on using only high quality ingredients to make proper old fashioned bakes in unique and mouth-watering flavours.

There were so many options to choose from, including gluten free ones!

Holland Park Wisteria Hysteria - 1

I picked up a classic vanilla gluten free cupcake, while Mike went for a Snickers flavoured number. Although the shop is absolutely beautifully designed, we decided to take our treats to the park to enjoy the sunshine.

Holland Park Wisteria Hysteria - 3

Holland Park Wisteria Hysteria - 6

Holland Park surrounds a mansion, Holland House, named after its second owner, the Earl of Holland. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Holland House was  a hub of political and literary activity, but was largely destroyed by bombing in WWII.

Today only the east wing and some ruins of the ground floor still remain and they form an atmospheric backdrop for the open air Holland Park Theatre.

Holland Park Wisteria Hysteria - 21

We enjoyed our cupcakes while people watching in the manicured tulip garden.

Holland Park Wisteria Hysteria - 10

Holland Park Wisteria Hysteria - 9

Holland Park Wisteria Hysteria - 8

Holland Park did not disappoint on the wisteria front either. The flowers were in full bloom, showering the park in pastel purple.

Holland Park Wisteria Hysteria - 14

Holland Park Wisteria Hysteria - 12Holland Park Wisteria Hysteria - 24

Holland Park, has more to offer then manicured gardens, woodland and mass amounts of wisteria. At the centre of the park there is a Japanese-style Kyoto Garden with a koi carp pond, waterfall and terrific selection of rhododendrons, azaleas and hydrangeas.

Holland Park Wisteria Hysteria - 16

It was opened thanks to the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Kyoto in 1991.

Holland Park Wisteria Hysteria - 19

Holland Park Wisteria Hysteria - 18

We spent the afternoon checking out the flowers, inspiring us to get planning at home.

Holland Park Wisteria Hysteria - 22

Trench Coat, Navy Floral Blouse, Blush Scalloped Flats, Blush Cross-body Bag

Holland Park Wisteria Hysteria - 23

There were also some great animals to spot!

Holland Park Wisteria Hysteria - 17

Holland Park Wisteria Hysteria - 20

Even after leaving the park the wisteria didn’t seem to leave us behind. The beautiful homes of the well-heeled denizens of the neighbouring streets were also covered in a pastel purple haze.

Holland Park Wisteria Hysteria - 25

Do you have wisteria hysteria? I just can’t get over these beauties, I am going to be sad when they disappear in a few weeks’ time!

Steph xo